Jan 3, 2014

2013-Most Popular Posts

I don't normally look at my stats because I am pretty happy with my blog where it is at.  Also, I don't get what the difference is between page views and unique visitors, etc...  But, this week I did look at my stats (only the ones off the blogger dashboard, I don't use a separate counter).  It as very interesting!

Very early in my blogging life I posted about reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid online (did you know it started its life on the internet as a comic book on funbrain?).  That has been my all time most visited page of all time.  Interesting.  I posted it in 2008 and still get people commenting on it.  I am not even sure you can still read the comic online!

My second most popular post is one I did after I read Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.  I had been watching the UK version of Skins and had fallen in lust for Luke Pasqualino and decided he would be the perfect Patch.  This gets a lot of views, but no one comments, which makes me wonder what people search to actually get this hit, because I don't think it has anything to do with Hush, Hush!

This year my top five most viewed posts were:
1.  Tween Tuesday: New Series I Want to Try
2.  Quick Reviews: Boarding Schools Edition
3.  Today in the Library
4.  My Thoughts: After Eden by Helen Douglas
5.  Book Snobbery

I was pretty glad to see that overall I am getting more visitors than I thought, sometimes a lot more!  I enjoyed blogging for the most part this year, had my slow times, but am overall feeling glad I am continuing on with this endeavor.

I just love sharing about books!


  1. Stats always surprise me. Sometimes they make me feel great, and other times they make me feel awful. I try not to think about them too much, but it is always amusing to see what posts bring in the most random visitors.

    BTW, pageviews is a count of how many pages a visitor clicks on, where as unique visitors are counts of each individual person who visits your blog. So, I would be counted as one unique visitor, but if I look at five posts on your blog (causing the browser to load each page) then that counts as five page views. Hope that helps! :)

    1. That does make it clearer, thanks! I still don't think I will pay too much attention to them. I have been at this awhile now and I like doing what I do, sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much, regardless of how many people visit!
      However, I am always delighted to get comments from blogging friend like you!