Aug 9, 2013

Quick Reviews: Boarding Schools Edition

Prep School Confidential by Kara Taylor

4 super good no bake chocolate cookies.

My Thoughts:
I adored this book!  Loved the boarding school, typical New England prep, uniforms, headbands, all the trimmings.  And murder.  What I loved best was that Anne wasn't overly brave, she just really felt she needed to avenge her roommates death.  She got caught in a few precarious positions, and wasn't afraid to let us see her cry.  I loved both the boys she was attracted to--they represented both sides of the YA boy spectrum--the golden boy (Brent) and the bad boy (Anthony).  She chose the way I would've as well, another thing I loved. 
And I really liked the mystery, I wasn't able to figure it out at all.  It kept me guessing and flipping pages as fast as I could!  And overall it was a clean book, perfect for the mystery loving readers in my library!
School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

3 soft snickerdoodles.

My Thoughts:
I really enjoyed the premise of this book and Sophie and Agatha are both girls I rooted for.  My main complaint about this, however, was the transitions.  I felt most of them were kind of awkward and sometimes it took me a sentence or two to catch up.  The idea that fairy tale characters are trained to be good or evil is very interesting and I do like the idea of there being a balance so sometimes evil actually wins.  Both characters go through several changes, back and forth, as they come to understand who they truly are and who they truly can be.  I enjoyed this story and will come back for the sequel. 

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  1. Great review of Firecracker. :) I've been pondering it actually.