Dec 2, 2010

Good Things...

Matched is a book I have wanted for quite awhile. Couldn't win a copy to save my life so I was counting down the days until it was released. With Thanksgiving week I kind of forgot when it was coming out until I read the review in Entertainment Weekly. On Sunday I had to run up to Costco. I knew it was coming out on Tuesday (11/30) so I thought I would ask while I was at Costco to see if they would be having it for sale there. Well, someone at Costco screwed up because it was already out on the tables! It made my whole day.

Max has been sick this week. We had got the past two reviews done last weekend and planned to do a Big Nate review for today. It didn't happen due to his illness, though, but hopefully for tomorrow!

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Have a great day!

1 comment:

  1. I held it in my hand at Costco, but didn't buy it. It was the day after Black Friday! I'll get it next time I go. I couldn't win a copy either - and boy did I try! :-)