Nov 29, 2010

Upper Elementary Giveaway & Meet Max

This is my son Max. He's in fourth grade and he is just starting to really like reading (thank God!). He has a big imagination so I did expect he would be more of a reader than my older son (he's in seventh). There is a huge difference in what a fourth grader reads and what a seventh grader reads. Max still loves the super silly and although he just started reading the first Harry Potter book he also has finished the Dragonbreath books and the two Big Nate books this fall. So, when I got the opportunity to get Ook & Gluk and host this giveaway I jumped at the chance. I decided to make this week Max Week! He will be reviewing the Dragonbreath and Big Nate books along with Ook & Gluk. I hope you will join us this week during Max's time on the blog.

Onto the giveaway! This is an amazing giveaway and just in time for Christmas. There are six books up for grabs from Scholastic.
All of these books are outstanding and this whole pack values at over $85! The showpiece is Ook & Gluk which Max will be reviewing tomorrow as our Tween Tuesday post. Today you can enter to win this prize pack by filling out this form. This contest is open to US mailing addresses only and will close on December 8. This is a pretty quick contest but I want the winner to have a chance to get this before Christmas!

Check back tomorrow for Max's review of Ook & Gluk and for more awesome Christmas ideas check out the Scholastic store!


  1. I've been wanting to get Ook & Gluk for Scott. I think he'd love it. Awesome giveaway, Jana! My sidebar link is up and running. :-)

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm, dorkily, most excited about the I, Spy Christmas book!

  3. Max has been the biggest sweatheart to my littlest on Sunday mornings- tell him thank you. He deserves a gold star! I'm excited about these books, but actually, I really think my sister's oldest would love them.... I'd like to be the cool aunt and be able to have the book titles to pass along. My crazy kids like to be read to at night, but it's coming fast and furious.

  4. I have 3 kids who would ALL love these books. David and I Spy are big favorites in our house.

  5. What a handsome son! Isn't it exciting when they discover reading for themselves!