Jun 17, 2010

Audio Book Review: Morpheus Road: The Light by DJ Machale

I posted a mid-way review down here.
This was a scary book! I am not sure if it would have been if I had been reading it, but the audio version was excellent. The narrator did a great job conveying the main character's fear and uncertainty. I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Literally, as I was driving I was gripping the steering wheel and grimacing--my mom finally had to ask me what was wrong.

BUT, there was probably two too many ghost attacks (or maybe three) which kind of made the book feel dragging. A bunch of it could have been cut out so it could have kept it's fast pace to the finish. Instead it got slow in the middle and if I hadn't been driving somewhere and needed to listen to stay awake, I might have not finished it as quickly as I had.

The ending was kind of weird when the big "baddie" was revealed. But, it was a good set-up for the next book and I do look forward to that one.

3.5 cookies.

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  1. I really wanted to listen to this one on audio because I like the narrator! But I read it instead and I didn't like it that much reading it.