Jun 10, 2010

Mid-Way Book Review: Morpheus Road: The Light by D.J. Machale

During this road trip I have been listening to Morpheus Road: The Light by DJ Machale. This was a book I was looking really forward to this spring and was so disappointed when I had read some tepid reviews. I see now they are a little higher on good reads and I am glad because I am finding it very scary. I think listening to it is the key. The narrator is awesome. He is conveying all kinds of emotions and really brings out the tension when he needs to. I was literally driving on the edge of my seat earlier today while listening. I had also thought my oldest son might like this book, but now think it might actually be too scary for him!

One part I have loved so far was when the main character, Marshall, is walking around his house looking for what is making the strange sound that he hears. He acknowledges that he is doing exactly what you always yell at the movie screen for the main character not to do. But who isn't guilty of that? I know I can't just lay in bed when I hear a strange noise, I have to investigate (except the one time when I woke from a dead sleep thinking I heard someone out on the porch. My husband wasn't home, but since he is a police officer I called the department and they sent a few guys up to come nad check for me. The nighttime ramblings of a crazy woman and all that).

I am only about halfway done, but will find time over the next few days to listen because it is great so far!

Anyway, so far, so good with this one. I also finished Allie Finkle: Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out by Meg Cabot. I adore Allie Finkle books and this was one of my favorites so far. Good messages about true friendship. 5 cookies for sure!

I also just started Boys are Dogs by Leslie Margolis. I haven't got very far but the prologue had me howling so I am looking forward to a good time with this book!

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