Jun 16, 2010

Water Leak Update

I did have some book damage, but just cookbooks. I used to kind of collect them so I was sad at some of them getting damaged, but I loved going through them all. Each one takes me back to a time in my relationship with my husband. Although I used to bake before I met him, falling in love really brought out the nesting in me. As I was going through the cookbooks I remember where I got each one, what I liked about it, where we were living at the time and if we had kids or not yet. It was a nice walk down memory lane. But, I got all my book reorganized on bookshelves in our basement. I still have a lot of work to do to get things put back in order!

On the plus side, I thought I had lost a book that I had started a couple weeks ago (Middleworld) but over the course of the last few days I found it again! Phew!

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