Nov 2, 2015

November Reading Goals

I can bemoan the fact that I am so far behind in my reading, but what really constitutes behind?  Ultimately I just haven't gotten a lot of books completed and that makes me feel behind.  On my GoodReads "Currently Reading" list I have six books that I am reading, and four of them were started on September 30.  So, that makes me behind.  Also, I have a few books I want to review for publishers that I have not read so I am going to set some goals and post them here, hoping that you, my dear readers, will hold me accountable.

*This week I am going to finish five of the books on my Currently Reading list:
A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel and the Farm Boy
The Doldrums
Slasher Girls and Monster Boys
(I really like this one, but am slow reading it because I can tell what is going to happen and it's going to BREAK MY HEART. I had one 8th grade girls tell me this was her very favorite book of all times and it made here cry three times...)

*Starting next week my goal will be to read 8 books from my library collection.  And three of those have to be strictly middle school books.

*Read and review A Nearer Moon and This Side of Wild, both books sent to me by Simon & Schuster and I want to get them read and reviewed.  I bought them both for my library collection so these fit in my above goal.

I am going to set the bar low since I am looking at the failure of my reading in October.  What are your November reading goals?

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