Jan 31, 2014

Where Do You Get Your Books?

The other day a teacher came into the library to see if we had a book she wanted to read.  It was checked out, so she went to her kindle and bought and downloaded it.  It got me thinking.

When I hear of a book I want to read, if it is already published, here are the steps I take to acquire/read the book.

First, I check my library collection and the high school's collection.  If it is in either collection I check it out from there (no due dates for me!).

Secondly,  I check my public library.  They have a connected catalog and we can pull books from pretty much anywhere in the NW part of our state.  It's awesome.

Normally at this point I have the book either checked out or on hold.  Mostly, I stop here.  If I haven't found it at this point I write a reminder somewhere (I have quite the spreadsheet going of books to read, upcoming books and books to order for my library).

If it's still on my mind, I check Barnes & Noble.  If it's a decent price I will buy it there and then.  If it's not, I won't.

If it's a book I really like and I have checked it out, then I will buy a copy for my home library.

(This is published books, I do get print galleys mailed to me sometimes and do download egalleys, however, I don't always get those read before they expire nor print ones read before publication.)

How do you acquire your books?  Do you always buy or do you use your library a lot?


  1. I'm with you. I'm a library girl all the way.

  2. Then if I realllly want it and the reviews are good and my library doesn't have it, then I try Amazon.