Jan 30, 2014

My Thoughts: Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce

4 warm & gooey chocolate, chocolate chip cookies.

Cover Love:
Yes, I love this cover.  It's ominous and magical.  I also love all the covers for this series!

Why I Wanted to Read This:
I wanted to read this because of how much I adored the movie Frozen.  There are a lot of versions of The Snow Queen out there and this one sounded very interesting.  Here's the synopsis from GoodReads:
Kai and Ginny grew up together–best friends since they could toddle around their building’s rooftop rose garden. Now they’re seventeen, and their relationship has developed into something sweeter, complete with stolen kisses and plans to someday run away together.

But one night, Kai disappears with a mysterious stranger named Mora–a beautiful girl with a dark past and a heart of ice. Refusing to be cast aside, Ginny goes after them and is thrust into a world she never imagined, one filled with monsters and thieves and the idea that love is not enough.

If Ginny and Kai survive the journey, will she still be the girl he loved–and moreover, will she still be the girl who loved him?

Romance?: Yes!  It's all about romance with this one!

My Thoughts:
I had previously read Sister's Red, Jackson Pearce's first book in her fairy tale retellings series.  I didn't like it.  The older sister in the book, Scarlet, was very off putting as a character to me.  Because of that I have been hesitant to read any other books in this series.  I am very glad I got over that and gave them another chance.  Not only did I really enjoy this book, I ended up putting Sweetly and Fathomless on hold as well. 

First off, I loved the setup to the book.  Meeting Dahlia as a young woman, seeing what happened to her, was a great tie-in for the main story.  Also, as I read this book a few things from Sister's Red kept sounding familiar, like the Reynolds family.  Turns out that the Reynolds and Fenris, the wolf like creatures they hunt, is the thread that connects all of the fairy tale retellings.

Kai and Ginny's relationship was so genuine.  He was her everything and they were also great friends.  My heart broke for Ginny when Kai left with the Snow Queen (or Mora).  However, Ginny's journey taught her so much about herself, it turned out to be such a good thing for her.  There is magic and mystery and legends and danger on Ginny's journey.  She discovers a lot about herself and she finds family. 

Mora is not a person to be hated, but like most villains, someone you sort of feel sorry for.  She didn't really have a choice in what she became, it was all about survival.  But, she also didn't have to take loved young men from the people who love them!

To Sum Up:  This was a great retelling of a fairy tale I am not overly familiar with.  I really enjoyed it.  I feel that the language and some of the situations are a little mature for my middle school library, but I will recommend it for the high school libraries!

Book checked out from local public library.

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  1. I love fairy tales with a modern element. This just might tide me over until Once Upon a Time comes back on!