Jan 29, 2014

Reading Bingo Challenge

I have started a Reading Bingo Challenge here at school.  I got the idea form Pinterest, I think that it was from Random House Canada originally though.  It's going to be a lot of fin and I have a bunch of students really excited about it.  Today I wrote down my first book and I was pretty thrilled.  The rules are pretty easy--has to be books you haven't read yet, no double dipping, different levels of prizes and you can win more than one prize.  Here is a link to a printable game board if you want to play along!


  1. This a great idea. I'm going to share it with our media specialist! And I might use it tri 3 instead of tracking books etc.

    1. It has been a pretty big hit so far. They can win up to three prizes, level 1 is on row, which was movie theater boxes of candy. Level 2 was two rows (or a plus or an X) which was free waffle cones at a local ice cream shop & level 3 was $5 target gift cards. The grand prize is the $69 Kindle. Kids are loving it!!