May 9, 2013

This Happened

Regular readers will recall my struggle with my older son and reading.  We have had some successes (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), but mostly he does not read for enjoyment.  (See my post here about that!)

My younger son, however, is becoming an avid reader.  It's still not in the top three or even four things he chooses to do for enjoyment, but it is climbing.

He is reading The Maze Runner (which I have never been able to get into, but I will rectify that this summer) and is totally hooked.  When he was at a very intense part he was reading every chance he got (even in the car!).  I also told him he could stay up a little later if he was in his bed reading for the last 20 minutes before bed and he jumped all over that.  So, there is hope!  I might actually be raising a reader!

1 comment:

  1. OMG you must have been secretly shrieking in delight. Sounds like he likes action packed dystopians. *fingers crossed* that it sticks