Mar 14, 2013

Wonderful YA Boys: Durango from the Hell's Cross Trilogy

This is the fifth in my series of Wonderful YA Boys.  I have to admit, this is not the usual choice for me.  I wouldn't look at Durango and say, "yeah, I want my boys to grow up like that."  Mostly that's because of where Durango lives.  He is basically a mercenary on Mars.  But, when you look at who Durango is, his values, he does possess qualities I want to see in my sons when they are men!

First of all, Durango is a soldier. Not just any soldier, but a Regulator, so he has a very dangerous edge to him. I liked that! He was also a very good tactician. He was not the best of the Regulators, but he was probably the smartest. Of course, that had a little to do with Mimi, the artificial intelligence that was part of his brain, but he was strong enough to live through the process of being fused with an AI so you know he was something special before that happened.

Secondly, he is very, very loyal when you earn his trust. He would do whatever is necessary to help the people that have earned his loyalty. And most of all he is loyal to Vienne, whom he loves. Sigh!

He is also very, very good looking.  This is a fact that is brought up several times in the book.  He is always being referred to as handsome.  And since he is a soldier I am sure his body is in quite good shape.

Most of all, he wants to make Mars a better place for everyone.  That mostly comes from the guilt he feels because of what his father did to the planet and society, but Durango fights against the people and companies that are only out for himself.  And he does this for people who look down on him for being a dalit (read the books if you want to know).

All in all, Durango is awesome.  I loved being part of his world for three books and a novella and would go back again!

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