Mar 13, 2013

My Thoughts: Shadow on the Sun by David Macinnis Gill

5 warm & gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Cover Love:
This cover tells a lot of the story.  I don't really love how Vienne looks, but it fits the other covers in the series.  Plus I love how Durango looks!

Why I Wanted to Read This:
I read and adored the other two books in this series and really wanted to know how it ended!  Here's the synopsis from GoodReads:
Durango has always relied on Mimi--once his tough-as-nails squad leader, she is now the bitingly sarcastic artificial intelligence flash-cloned to his brain. Mimi is the only reason he is alive.

Durango has always looked out for his devastatingly beautiful and brave second-in-command, Vienne--now wounded, crushed, missing. Vienne is the only reason he wants to live.

Durango hasn't always despised his father. But he does now. Lyme wants Durango to be the Prince of Mars, and he'll stop at nothing to realize that dream. He'll sacrifice anything and anyone in the name of domination. Even Mimi. Especially Vienne.

Lyme forgot one thing. You don't want to mess with Durango.
Romance?: They are separated for most of the books but there is a lot of longing for each other between Vienne and Durango.

My Thoughts:
Shadow on the Sun was a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy that started with Black Hole Sun and continued in Invisible Sun.  You have to know my love for Durango (and Mimi) is immense!  He is smart, very loyal, tough, kind, super good looking and tries whatever he can to solve problems.  He is the whole package!

What I loved is that even though this is a futuristic, science fiction story set on Mars, there is no longing for Earth.  They accept their life on Mars and do what they can to make it better for everyone, not just themselves.  And the Mars society is very interesting.  I really liked how the author gives us hints into the history of Mars, but doesn't totally spell it out for you.  It might irritate some readers, but I liked it.  It just made it more real for the here and now.  The history very much helped form Durango into who he is, but the author allows us a bit of room to draw our own conclusion as to what happened on Mars to make the society how it is in the now.

It still surprised me that dalits are considered the lowest of low when there are so many other awful criminals and dubious people knocking about Mars.  And with the whole planet basically in a war that people were still unwilling to accept help from them!

I liked how the story came full circle.

The next part is a bit of a spoiler so highlight it if you want to read it:
A happy ending!!  Yay!!  After being burned by the ending of the Chaos Walking trilogy, I was so glad for the way this one ended.  There is still a lot of work but way more hope for the future and that Durango and Vienne will end up together!

To Sum Up:  I loved this series.  I would read more in this world, but only if it involved Durango, who I loved.  I am getting all three for my library because I know many reader who will enjoy the adventures that Durango and Vienne have!

eGalley requested and received from Greenwillow via Edelweiss.  Thanks so much!

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