Nov 12, 2012

My Library Pet Peeves

I had planned to do this post for awhile, but I probably shouldn't do it today because today my pet peeves are EVERYBODY & EVERYTHING--like printers that think they have a printer jam even though they clearly DO NOT!

However, I can calm down and go over the list I made last week about what little things really get to me as a middle school librarian.  First and foremost you must understand that this is my dream job.  It is the thing that I was meant to do with my life.  I mostly love everything about being a librarian, even the always messy desk.  But, there are always little things and rather then let them pile up  I am going to send them out there and then maybe they won't bother me as much anymore!  (fingers crossed!)

*students who come to my desk and hold out a book.  No words, no requests, nothing.  Just hold a book out to me.  I am not a mind reader, tell me what you need or ask me for help!   Seriously, this one DRIVES me nuts.  And it leads into the second one:

*students who come to my desk and make an arbitrary statement.  For example, "I don't know where Among the Hidden is at."  Of course I know what they want, they want me to get up and get it off the shelf for them.  I am not going to because you haven't asked for my help!  I mostly have the 7th and 8th graders trained and very few of them do this anymore, but man, those 6th grader have a way to go.  (I have to add that as I was writing this, I had this very situation arise!!   Argh!!)

*student who think my desk is the book return.  It's not.  We have a very clearly marked spot for books to be returned to--it even says "BOOK RETURN."  It really bothers me when one comes up to my desk and says, "I am turning this book in." whilst holding the book out to me.  Again, I have most of the upper grades trained, but even a few of them forget this one (and a few like to see my face turn purple so they do it just for fun).

*students who come up to me and say "will you help me find a book?"  Now this may not seem like a bad question and if it's the right kid I am all over it.  However, it normally is a student who--doesn't like to read and is trying to waste time, OR it's student who likes a very specific kind of book/series and now that he/she is done with that they have no desire to move on OR it's student who asks that question in a very whiny voice.  (however, if a student who is pretty open minded to reading new things asks me this question it is my favorite day!).

*people (teachers or students) coming to my desk and talking to me WHEN I AM ON THE PHONE!  (full disclosure, I do this to other people but am really working on changing)

Today I am a grumpy librarian full of pet peeves because at this point the printer is dead and I have about 6 classes of seventh graders who need to print their papers.  Oh well, I have done the best I could with that!

(if this airing of my pet peeves starts making me let go of these issue this might become a regular feature!)


  1. Awwwww *hug* It's nice to hear your input. Now your next one should be points on things librarians love or how to make your librarian happy.

    1. I don't know, since writing this one I have come with two or three more things that drive me nuts. I guess I do need something on what makes a librarian happy--like a box of new books or a full chocolate drawer!