Nov 7, 2012

Food From Fiction: M & M Brownies

I adored this take on Hanzel & Gretel  (you can read my review here).  In this book students at Splendid Academy were fed a constant diet of treats, sweets and other good things to eat to fatten them up.  Every student also had a bowl of M&Ms at their desk that they were allowed to eat from all day long and that filled itself back up when it was empty.

As I was reading I of course started craving M&Ms--how could you not?  I love M&Ms (especially peanut butter).  My favorite thing is to put them in my buttered popcorn at the movies (no calories there I swear).  But, I also love them in cookies and brownies.  There is just something about a baked M&M that I like.  When they are on sale after a holiday I buy quite a few bags for baking with.  My favorite item to bake with M&Ms are M&M brownies.  I am sure taht there are several recipe out there for M&M brownies, but the easiest is to throw a cup or two into a brownie mix and baked them.  The brownies are fudgy and wonderful and the M&Ms are crunchy and chocolaty.  Perfection!

What do you like to do with your M&Ms?


  1. This sounds like a great read. Thanks for suggesting it! Now I want M & M's too...

  2. I think I'm liking the idea of M&M brownies or with Chocolate chip cookies, mmm Chocolate. The book looks wonderful, great cover.

  3. I know! Something about baked M&Ms are just so good. They are just a little crunchy, but still chocolatey, so good! I think I have to make some this weekend :).