Sep 13, 2012

Wonderful YA Boys: Matt Cruse (Airborn Series) by Kenneth Oppel

Donna from Bite My Books has a feature about Shitty YA Boy Toys, (her latest is Linden from Wither, definitely a tool!)so I wanted to do my own with Wonderful YA Boys.  The kinds of boys that make me think "I want my sons to turn out like that."  I know there are several other memes out there that are similar (Book Boyfriend is one that comes to mind) but this comes more from a mom standpoint.

I have written about Sean Griswold from Sean Griswold's Head and Cash Sterling from Shut Out.  Today Matt Cruse from the Airborn series by Kenneth Oppel gets the Wonderful YA Boy award.

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know how much I adore the Airborn series.  I highly recommend them, but I recommend listening to at least the first one on audio.  The actor who voices Matt in the audio version has the perfect voice for this crush-worthy character!

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Matt Cruse is integrity. Matt takes his job aboard the Auroroa very seriously.  He strives to do be a reliable worker and someone the captain can count on.  Another word that could be used to describe Matt is loyalty.  He wants to make sure that the people he cares about get the best of him and will work hard to help anyone he can.
Over the course of the series he grows more & more into someone that can be counted on, who will work to find a solution (this is big with me, I am always telling my sons to be problem solvers), and a man who tries to be the best version of himself.  He is a Wonderful YA Boy!


  1. I really liked Airborn. You're so right. These are great for boys and Matt is such a good guy. Such work ethic.

    1. I just love him. Great role model!!