Sep 11, 2012

Future Five Cookie Reads?

Last year I did a post like this and I am ashamed to say that I only got five of the books I posted about read.  I bought them all for my library though and continue to booktalk them and some day I will get them read.  However, I think I can safely say that these ones will get read this fall, right?!

Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry.  It comes out this week and I already pre-ordered my copy.  I LOVE this series.  Cannot wait for this book!

Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George.  I adore her re-telling of fairy tales.  This is the third in the "Princess of" series.  I was able to get an egalley from Netgalley and am going to start it SUPER soon!

Unlocking the Spell: a Tale of the Wide-Awake Princess by ED Baker.  I loved The Wide Awake Princess and am so excited for this sequel.  I am constantly shoving The Wide Awake Princess into younger readers hands.  This one is sure to be good!

Ten by Gretchen McNeil.  When this one finally popped up on my radar I tried to get an ARC but they were all out.  No worries I ordered it for my library and will read it when it gets here.  It sounds a bit like that old movie April Fool's Day (for you younger readers--if you've never seen it, go and watch it now!).

Seconds Away by Harlan Coben.  I really liked Shelter and thought it was a good set up for this series. I am super excited for this next one in the series!


  1. I haven't seen April Fool's Day? Should I? I can't wait for Ten.

  2. I loved it & it surprised me but I see the IMDB reviews are not stellar.
    It's just a good, fun horror movie. I don't normally like scary movies but I liked that!