Aug 17, 2012

Wonderful YA Boys: Cash Sterling from Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

Donna from Bite My Books is starting a feature about Shitty YA Boy Toys, so I wanted to do my own with Wonderful YA Boys.  The kinds of boys that make me think "I want my sons to turn out like that."  I know there are several other memes out there that are similar (Book Boyfriend is one that comes to mind) but this comes more from a mom standpoint.   

Last time I did Sean Griswold, today it's Cash Sterling from Shut Out by Kody Keplinger.  (Read my review here).  Cash was such a great guy and the perfect one for Lissa to fall for--especially compared to her first boyfriend, he was totally gross.

First off, Cash works in a library.  A LIBRARY.  Swoon.  And he gives the money he makes to his parents to help out after his dad loses his job.
Secondly, he is a soccer player.  Double Swoon.
He goes to parties to be the designated driver.
And he is, as described by a character in the book, "good looking, friendly and charming."
He's not afraid to tell a girl he thinks she's amazing.  Love it when a guy can talk to a girl to her face, none of that texting crap!
He is just so sweet and earnest when he and Lissa first hang out at a party.  
He is just mature and really secure with himself.
 That is something I strive to instill in my sons all the time!

I just adore Cash!  He is an AWESOME YA boy!

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  1. I adore Cash too now. So selfless. I love that.