Aug 15, 2012

Good Reads Shelves

I am sure if you are a book blogger you are aware of all the drama surrounding reviews on Good Reads.  I, for one, ADORE Good Reads and have never had a problem.  If I disagree with a review or the way a reviewer or author is acting, I just ignore it.  But, I am amazed at some of the shelves people create on their Good Reads account.

I have very basic ones:  books-2012; books for boys; books for girls; etc... Nothing snarky at all!

But I have seen shelves titled "could have been worse," "food for thought," "I should get a trophy for finishing," "why am I reading this shit," "why did I do this to myself."  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Sometimes I think they are super fun and creative, sometimes I think they are just mean.  (If you want to see some interesting ones, look up City of Bones and read those, people feel very strongly about that book and it's author).  When I see one I think if kind of funny I have to check out the other books they put on that shelf--it is a good barometer of whether or not I am compatible with that person as a reader.

I guess I just don't feel that strongly about books (in the negative sense)(I do LOVE many, many books).  I either love it, like it or don't.  I cannot say I ever hated a book!

Do you have any crazy Good Reads shelves?  I would love to hear about them!


  1. Ha! Is this why you asked me about my lulz shelf? I frankly just can't be bothered with so many shelves because my brain can't remember them all. I have the basic 2, arc review, best bitten (for 4 stars and up), cheese (for my old school YA horror), dnf, lulz (for the books that are so ridiculously bad they're laughable and I probably snarked a lot in my review of it), squeemers (5 stars), tbr 2012 (for the books I received this year since I do the off the shelf challenge and don't want to count a book to that that I acquired this year), tbr pile, want, yackers (for the book club).

    They serve a function and that's about it. Helps me stay a little more organized.

    1. Yes! That's why I asked you that. I saw it when I was looking at shelf names. Some of them are really bizarre. I have too many becaus eI set some up when I first started on GoodReads that I never used. I need to clean them out!

  2. I really don't.
    I use GR as a way to remember what books I want to try.
    And when I'm in a mood for a certain genre, I use my tags to remind myself which books from that genre I bookmarked.
    I also love noting if I want to listen to it (TBL) or read it (TBR).
    I think it's sort of mean to make those categories.
    Some people can be so harsh.
    Personally, I believe life is to short for bad books.
    I usually don't finish them and tag them: abandoned.

    1. Some of them are way too mean. I have just never disliked a book so much that I felt the need to be mean about it! I just don't finish or review the ones I don't like!