Apr 27, 2012

Series the Sizzle: Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

A few weeks ago I decided to start a feature focusing on series books.  You know how there are some series that you just cannot wait for the next book, then it comes out and it is just kind of meh?  Those are the series that fizzle for me.  Then there are those that you cannot wait for that keep you excited each book the whole way through.  Those ones sizzle for me.  And then there are those that you enjoyed and know you will keep on reading the next ones, but they aren't MUST READ NOW books.  Those are the series that interest.  Today I am focusing on a series that SIZZLES!

When I first read Hex Hall I wasn't expecting to love it.  The one things that really interested me about the synopsis was that it takes place in a boarding school.  I am a sucker for boarding schools!  But this one really sucked me in right away.  And I read it so long ago that I didn't even review it on this blog (that was back when I was just getting into writing reviews and developing my format).  But here is what I remember I loved about it:

*I love that there are kids with all sorts of talents at Hex Hall.
*I love that there is no love triangle.  I also LOVE Archer.
*It ended on a HUGE cliffhanger that left me denying the facts of the story.

I was so excited for Demon Glass and was lucky enough to get an ARC for that one.  You can read my review for it here.  This book kept me very interested in the series and left me very anxious for the third one.  It just came out and we got our copy for my library but I had to give it to students before I could read it.  My plan is to take it home and get it read this weekend.

Another thing I love is that the covers seem to go full circle--the top of book one is Sophie in her school uniform and the bottom of book three is Sophie in her uniform.  Clever stuff!

This is a series that has kept me excited for each book.  I love it when that happens!

Have you read this series?  What do you think about Hex Hall?


  1. I keep hearing good stuff about this one.
    The lack for a love triangle sounds good.
    I like them from time to time but they seem SO over done these days.

    1. When I looked back on my review I realized there is another guy, but I so thoroughly blocked him out because ARCHER is the only one for Sophie!

  2. I've read the first 2 and really need to find time to read the 3rd one.

    1. I finally fit it in this weekend. It was quick and a good ending to the series!