Apr 26, 2012

Pathetic Reading Pace!

I set a goal for myself to read 115 books this year.  Last year I set that goal and only made it to 111.  Oh well.  But this year I was DETERMINED!!

Well, HA on that!

I have currently finished 25 books towards my goal.  Pathetic.  Last year at this time I had read 37!  I had read a rash of contemporary teen romances that are so very quick to read.  (Also, I read a bunch of Simon & Schuster books through their galley grab program.  The motivation that they wouldn't be available after the publication date really pushed me into reading them fast).

When I broke down my reading from last year I read 24 during the winter months (January & February), 25 in March, April & May.  I was at 49 when school got out.  Not going to reach that this year.  I read 32 in the summer (my goal had been 36).  I only read 20 in the fall (pretty normal since it's always the most stressful time of my year), and 10 in December. 

I am way behind pace and here's why:  I am feeling pressure to read only ARCs.  And I get so excited to read the next one, and the next one that I end up having 4 or 5 books started at the same time.  This is not a good way to get a lot of reading done!

I need to take a deep breath, focus and get some reading done!

How are you doing on your reading goals this year?


  1. Oh no! You poor gal.

    I don't make reading goals.
    I always fail when I do ;)

    1. You are the smart one!
      This all started one year when I decided to see if I could read 52 books, one a week (this was back when my boys were little & I was teaching kindergarten). I easily hit that #. So, to challenge myself I add a few to the number every year. I really should let it go this year but I like that widget on my goodreads page!