Oct 25, 2011

Scary Books into Movies: Silence of the Lambs

Oh, a super good one! I love Thomas Harris' books. Especially this one. So when this movie came out I was super excited to see it. I went to it in college and was just blown away. The best part of this movie was that the intense, scary stuff came from the superb acting of Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins. They won oscars for this movie and it was very well deserved!

I think my favorite part of this movie, one that added so much to the creepiness of the movie were the sets. The insane asylum, the museum, the garage with the car, the small town, the cell that Lecter is kept in towards the end. I get shivers just thinking about it.

This is one movie that really matches up to the book in tone and tension. Great, scary stuff!

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