Oct 24, 2011

Scary Books Into Movies: Christine

This week before Halloween I am going to go over some of the scariest books that have been turned into equally movies (or at least scary to me). The idea for this came to me the other night when I happened to catch the last half of Christine on AMC.

I cannot remember how old I was when I first saw this but given that it came out in 1983 I can guess that I was young. When I was young (and still now) you have to know that I do not like scary movies. I don't mind scary books but once I see it on the screen it becomes something altogether different. I read this book before seeing the movie, I do know that. My older brother was a Stephen King nut, so I often read the books after he did.

Onto the movie. I just loved this movie. First of all, this movie starred John Stockwell, who I loved as a young girl (he was Billy Hazard in North & South a few years later, and I loved him in that too). He was Dennis, the "good" guy of the story. He is probably the reason I will stop and watch this movie whenever I see it on TV.
Secondly, John Carpenter directed this and his use of music is so amazing in this movie. I still get chills when I hear that song that plays when Christine is running down one of the bullies who was bothering Arnie.

My first favorite part is when Arnie discovers Christine all messed up. He walks to the front of her and says, "show me." Christine then shows him how she fixes herself.

My second favorite part is the ending scene between Christine, Dennis and Lee in the garage. Christine is just going to town trying to kill Lee and you think how awful that car is, then it shows Arnie sitting in the car looking as creepy as ever.

Overall, this is my kind of scary movie. It is scary, but not so bad that it gave me nightmares.


  1. Perfect! Christine was awesome in both forms!! Stephen King was my favorite author in high school. :-)