Oct 20, 2011

Book Themes that Turn You Off

This week I read a book that I liked pretty well. It was by and author I really like and at first I was pretty excited to read it.

When I got my copy, though, I had a hard time starting the book--no matter how many 5 star reviews I read. I couldn't figure out why I had a hard time with it.

I finally started reading it and I realized why I was having trouble getting started.

I don't love books set on foreign soil.

I can't figure out why, but when I can't relate to a place in a book I have a hard time reading it.

However, give me a book set in a boarding school and I am all over it!


  1. Me too about the boarding school!!! One of my favorite books growing up with Dark a Dark Hall and it was partically because she was at a boarding school. Even now if I read the summary and the character is at a boarding school I'm super interested. Isn't that funny?????

  2. Me too! I'm fine with foreign soil books when they're historical fiction (I guess because I'm already transporting myself to another time), but if they're set in modern times my interest is lost.

    It felt like everyone was so enamored with Die For Me and Anna and the French Kiss because they were both set in France, but for me that was a turn off.

  3. Jill: Isn't that funny?! For me I think it comes from watching The Facts of Life when I was younger!

    Small: I haven't gotten into Anna and the French Kiss either!! For the same reason. I am going to try though because everyone likes it.

  4. I don't mind foreign soul but I do understand what you mean about certain books being a turn off. I feel that way about zombies.