Jun 10, 2011

Summer Goals

Today is the first day of no school. I have a lot of books to read this summer (or a lot I want to read anyway).

First up, Dust & Decay. I have waited long enough and can't wait to dive into it. I just finished listening to the audio of Rot & Ruin (which was awesome, again) so my brain is good and ready to read Dust & Decay. (after I finish the two I am already reading).

Then the rest of the summer is wide open. My plan is to read a print book, then a Nook book. I also hope to read 3 a week. Some of the ones I have on my list are very short (Lawn Boy) and some are not so some weeks I may get done with more than 3 and some I might get done with less, but it should even out. So between June 10 and August 31 I hope to read about 36 books. We'll see!

What is your summer reading goal?


  1. I have a box of books to read from school as well as a few stacks next to my bed. I'd like to get quite a few of those read.

  2. Oh my goodness - 36 books! Go, go, go! I haven't set an actually numerical goal for myself. Last summer my husband and I road-tripped across the country which allowed for an epic amount of reading. This summer, who knows what will happen? Also, I gave Rot and Ruin to the aforementioned husband based solely on your recommendation. At first he was skeptical, but now he is loving it!

  3. My summer goal isn't too different from my reading goals in general; but I would like to work through my library books and get started on a stack of books I own. I'm traveling a little bit, which usually makes for extra reading time. At least I'm hoping! I'd also like to catch up on my Debut Author challenge books.