Jun 9, 2011


Previously I have alluded to my son having some health issues. That is still going on. It might be something serious (celiac or crohns are the front runners), serious enough for a lifestyle change anyway. But, it probably is nothing life threatening. It is so stressful not knowing! This month we will be traveling to another town to meet with a pediatric GI and run some more tests. I am just so sad for him and his general lack of energy and spark!

Anyway, it's hard to focus on many other things when your focus is so squarely on something you can't really do anything about. I am still reading, and I am still blogging, but getting out and promoting my blog is something I am pushing to the back of my plate for now. And the blogging part might get more sporadic. (although it is therapeutic so I won't be stopping altogether).

But I know that you, my amazing, wonderful readers, will be understanding if I am not around as much this month, right?!

Kind of a sucky start to my summer (and his as well).


  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your son's health situation. I do remember you mentioning it before and I'm sorry to hear that things are still up in the air. It's amazing how frustrating and draining it can be when you just don't know for sure yet what's going on.

    Take all the time you need, Hun, and don't worry at all. I'll still be here and I'll be sending you hugs :)

  2. Oh, Jana, that's awful. You'll all be in my prayers. Which son is it?