Apr 18, 2011

Review: Monster High by Lisi Harrison

3 very weird frosted oatmeal cookies.

Cover Love: Yes!! Totally eye catching and fun.

Why I Wanted to Read This:
I bought a copy for my library because I have read a lot of good things about this series. I couldn't resist picking it up especially since there is a sequel coming out soon! Here's the synopsis from Good Reads:
From Lisi Harrison, the New York Times bestselling author of The Clique and Alphas, comes a new series with a fresh twist on high school, romance, and the horrors of trying to fit in.

They prefer to call themselves RAD (Regular Attribute Dodgers), but some call them monsters. So far, the "monster" community has kept a low profile in Salem, but this year two new girls enroll at Master High School, and the town will never be the same.

Created just fifteen days ago, Frankie Stein is psyched to trade her father's formaldehyde-smelling basement lab for parties and cheerleading. But with a student body totally freaked out by rumors of monsters who might be stalking the halls, Frankie finds that life in the "normi" world can be rough for a chic freak like her.

She thinks she finds a friend in fellow new student Melody Carver--but can a normi be trusted with her big secret?

I Kept Reading Because:
Honestly, I got approved for the ebook of the sequel on NetGalley, so I wanted to finish this one out.

Romance?: Yes. One for both Melody & Frankie.

What I Liked (& Didn't):
First of all, I truly enjoyed the premise behind this book! I love that there is a large group of RADS hiding out in plain sight. And there are several different kinds of monsters running around, it's awesome.

I felt like this was a good set-up for a series. It introduced a lot of characters and a web of relationships, and ended up on a great cliffhanger.

I loved Frankie and want her to be able to come out and be accepted as her true self. I also loved Melody. They are two great main characters.

I didn't like Becca, but I don't think in the long run we were supposed to like her. Of all the monsters in the book, the normi is the worst one!

To Sum Up:
This is a fun book for middle schoolers, an easy sell for the readers in my school. I look forward to reading the next one to see how this conflict is resolved!

Book bought for my library.


  1. My 5th and 6th grade girls are obsessed with this book! I always see them passing it around at lunch time :) I hadn't known that there was a sequel coming out out... Thanks for the news!

  2. I'll have to add it to my infinite list!! :-)