Feb 7, 2011

Quick Draw: Rainbows or Shooting Stars

This is a hard one for me! I love them both. I guess I would say rainbows because they last longer (then again shooting stars are more rare...)

The best was one night when my husband came home from work (he's a cop) and woke me up because the northern lights were visible in the sky. It was so cool, but it was better because he knew how much I would like it so he took the time to share it with me (Awwwww...)

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  1. Your hubby is totally awesome - everybody says so! LOL. This really is a tough one. I'm gonna go with rainbows, because I love the way my kiddos react when they see one. :-)

  2. Plus they are easier to point out. Shooting stars are so quick...blink and you miss it!

  3. I've never, ever seen a shooting star!! I feel sad about this. I do love rainbows but I would love to see a shooting star. My dad, long ago, had a rainbow painted on a wall for me. So sweet. I guess I'm torn also.