Feb 4, 2011

Vampires vs. Faeries (and a giveaway)

(pssst...there is giveaway info at the bottom of this post, Demonglass...)

This week I found myself reading a book with a vampire in it and listening to a book about faeries. I will be the first to admit I do love faeries. They are not the books I reach for first. I much prefer vampires. But who would win in a fight? I mean I am sure that faeries look down on vampires, they look down on everyone. But, really they shouldn't--look down on vampires that is. Both are eternal beings with powers. I admit I am not the greatest faerie aficionado so I need your help...

We need to gather all the evidence and figure this one out...

Leave me a comment on who would win and evidence to support this stance.

I will start this...can faeries even die? If so, how? And can vampires kill them? I know that in the Sookie Stackhouse books vampires crave faerie blood, it is very intoxicating to them. But can they kill them? I don't even remember if that was mentioned ever.

(and hey, let's throw a giveaway in with this. I got an extra copy of Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins--the sequel to the awesome Hex Hall. I will give it away to one commenter, leave your email so I can get a hold of you!)


  1. Great giveaway!!!

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  2. I can't wait to read Demonglass! Thanks for the opportunity to win it! imagesandwords @ optonline dot net

    As to your question...hm, well, in the Iron Fey series fairies can be killed by a bunch of things. Iron is a big one, but it seems like they can be killed by having their body destroyed (ripped apart, head chopped off, stabbed, poison etc). They're very powerful, but they do seem vulnerable enough. When they die (which they do all the time in the series)they disappear and don't have any form of afterlife.

    If a vampire is going up against a fairy from that series, then I think the vampire would win. Other fairies though? They're pretty powerful and would probably win. I think fairies would also look down on vampires as not being "real" immortals because they were born human.

    Fun question!

  3. I had put that on my blog at first, but took it off! I think faeries really would look down on vamps. And it's funny you brought up the Iron Fey books because that's the one I am listening to (The Iron King). It always depends on the mythology of the series or book being used!

  4. Faeries of course! Their necks are too tiny for Vampire teeth! Besides - good overcomes evil........

  5. My FAVORITE faeries from recent books are the ones from Fablehaven. And I LOVE in the first book when they go from the tiny little flitting from flower to flower faeries to the fierce, full size warrior faeries. Favorite part of the book!

    But the faeries in the book I am reading do not at all seem to be "good." They are scary!

  6. GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE! How exciting!! I am dying to read Demonglass!!! How cool it would be to win it! Holy brown cow I'd freak!

    Okay I really know nothing about faeries and vampires so I'm going to have to wing it (no pun intended - though that's badass). I choose Faeries. Yes Vampires are fast, they can kill people, they can transform humans, but that's the key. Human life. With faeries they are strong and sneaky. They are beautiful to attract attention much like a Vampire though they are able to mislead an innocence about them and when it comes to Vampires I'm pretty sure they could outwit a vampire. They have many talents!!!!

    Did I do it??? Did I win it??? Hehehe, going to grab some Milk & Cookies to wait for the results.

  7. Oops by email is jenniferdaiker(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. I think I need to wait a day or two before I pick a winner...but very good answer with lots of good arguments!

  9. @ Jana, You're right, it definitely does depend on the mythology of the particular book. Oh, I just thought of another one. In Paranormalcy the fairies would so kick the vampires butts.

    I'm so glad you mention Fablehaven! I have a copy of the first book and high hopes for the series, but I haven't heard much about it. Glad to hear you like it!

  10. It is a great series! Perfect for Middle Grade readers. I loved all five books and so have many of my middle schoolers. It makes me think I might need to re-read the first one...

  11. Oh, sure. Usually I hold down the fort over here, but when there's a giveaway . . . LOL. :-)

    I believe fairies would win - no contest. Vampires are scary and tough and all, but fairies have far more magical force behind them.

  12. The fairies would win...because, as you said, in the Sookie series, the vampires crave Faeries, but the Faeries are poisonous to them!

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  13. Thank you! I couldn't remember all the facts surrounding that mythology!

  14. Great question. In Fablehaven the fairies are nasty mean! I honestly think they could take on a fairy and win because they would attack together and everyone would underestimate them so that would give them an advantage. Beside if it was a vampire like Edward, he'd be looking at Bella too much and would be easy to take down! :)

    I'd love to be entered. themgowl at gmail.com

  15. Faeries can totally die. And do in lots of series. Rookie's faerie godmother dies and she even offs a few in book 10. Melissa Marr's books they die, city of bones series series and in Maggie stiefvater's book of faerie too. I think the plain ol el choppo of the heado is a sure thing. And the best bet. Really that seems to work on all immortals.

    Vamps vs. The fair folk? I want to say vamps, they are always hot, sexy, dark and brooding. But really have a lot of vulnerability. Sunlight being the biggest. I think in the end it might actually be a faerie.

  16. See, I thought vamps right away also, but then when it comes down to it, maybe faeries!

  17. I think fairies would win! They are so quick, and they have fairy dust on their side after all! thanks for the contest!!

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  18. My pick would be faeries, of course. Good does overcome evil. Faeries are good and mischievous-I think they would outwit vampires in no time! Fun just reading all the replies! Thanks for the giveaway. mcmholt@gmail.com

  19. I think fairies would win because they're much more clever in general.


  20. Wow, I am a little surprised at how many people think faeries would win! I think I will close this giveaway on Friday Feb. 11, so keep those comments coming!

  21. Faeries, would be more likely to win. Mainly because how often have you even heard of a faerie dying? (rumors of the huntsman not withstanding) Vampires die all the time. There are various ways to kill them and some of them actually KEEP them dead. Plus faeries are self obsessed. They might get mad and do something stupid, but that something stupid generally will get them banished, not killed. Vampires are self absorbed but will risk killing themselves to get what they want. That doesn't mean I would want the faeries to win in a fight. But they probably would.


  22. I believe both faeries and vampires can die, decapitation and dismemberment with fire. Most literary species are either immortal or long-lived without interference.
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  23. Well, if we are talking about the traditional fae and the Irish lore, I would have to say that a fairy would win.
    In traditional lore,the Fae are often believed to be 3 foot tall demons. What is more evil then a demon? Demons don't fight fair. The fae can lure a vampire to a Wraith and the Fae if needed could trap one there until day light when the vamp would die.
    The Fae could use the wraith to get back to fairy.

    Thanks for the giveaway!



  24. Hmmmm. An interesting question. I think I am going to have to go with fairies. After all, don't they have magic? And besides, not all fairy folk are sweetness and light - plenty of stories to suggest they are anything but. And, in the Fablehaven series, fairies are pretty fierce and kick some serious backside!