Feb 11, 2011

Cowboys vs. Aliens (& Other Stuff)

*It must be said...this movie looks AWESOME. Top of my list for summer movies that I want to see--even over Pirates #4. Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Cowboys, Aliens, Jon Favareau. I am officially geeking out!

*I am extending the deadline for the Demonglass giveaway until Monday since I will be gone all weekend. If you haven't commented on this post debating who would win Vampires or Faereis, do so now so you can be entered in the drawing!

*I am going to be away all weekend with some girlfriends. I will try and get some reading in, but we'll be scrapbooking and movie watching and snack eating and chatting so I might now get any done. It's a good exchange though.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Wow-your weekend sounds wonderful!! Relax and enjoy your time away.

  2. It sure does look good. I loooove HF and Daniel Craig is super sexy.

  3. Agreed! It all looks awesome.

  4. Wow, that movie looks different! I like Daniel Craig. :)

    Your weekend sounds like so much fun!