Feb 10, 2011

You Have to Read This...

Do you have a book on your TBR that is there because of several glowing recommendations from blogs & friends?

Have you ever tried reading it and found you just can't get into it?

I have a book like that. The Maze Runner.

I have tried both the print & audio versions and have just never made it too far. My friend (and middle schooler) Sophie recently read it and loved it. I think it is my friend Shannon's favorite book. I recommend it all the time in my library with great success--and most of them come back and tell me I have to read it!

And I think I would like it, I love dystopian books for sure. I love books with boys as the main character. On the surface there is nothing about this book that I don't think I would like. Why is it so hard for me to get into?

This isn't the first time. I had checked out The Knife Of Never Letting Go twice before I actually started it and then I could not put it down. I think if I get over the little hump I would find a book I love.

So, that will be a 2011 reading goal for me, the complete The Maze Runner.

Do you have a non-read like this?


  1. I was not a fan of Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters series. It's very popular amongst the blogosphere. I managed to get through the first book, but couldn't make it through the second one. Too bad. It's a really good premise, but just doesn't speak to me.

  2. Just shows how subjective stories are. I had a hard time getting into Knife too. And City of Bones, which everyone loves. Who knows why?! Since I bought these two books, I will probably give them each another shot.

  3. Alison: I haven't read Prophecy of Sisters either! The synopsis just never hooked me, but I haven't even tried and maybe I would like it if I tried.

    Catherine: Knife seems to be one that you either love or not. I always feel bad when I gush about it to people and then they don't really like it. It's a big read to not love. Also, I listened to City of Bones & City of Glass so when it got time to read City of Ash I read the book because that goes faster for me than audio.

  4. I really loved THE MAZE RUNNER, but I definitely know what you're talking about here. Even though I've read a million glowing reviews about MOCKINGJAY, I still hate it. I just can't slog through it. This is always really disappointing, I think. You're all excited about the book because people you respect liked it, but then it just doesn't grab you. That sucks.

  5. *GASP* Oh, Jana, Jana, Jana. . . Keep trying. Trust me. You'll cross an invisible line somewhere and not be able to stop reading. How far into it have you read?

    You HAVE to come with me to the state reading conference next year in Billings, because James is going to be there! :-)

  6. That would be SO much fun!!

    I know, I know, I do need to keep going. The farthest I got was in the audio version (didn't love the narrator and that never helps) I think it was right after the boys from the maze got in for the night on the first night he was there. I swear to you I will read it!!

  7. I have been trying to convince myself to pick up Small Persons With Wings again . . . ugh. So I know how you feel! I read several great reviews for it and the cover really pulled me in but after a few pages I just wasn't feeling it. I put it down to read These Things Hidden (not YA but excellent) and Ruined (YA and fantastic) and just haven't picked it up again.

  8. It happens. Maybe it's the wrong time or the wrong book. As a reader I constantly have to fight the urge to love every book. You and the book will find the right time to come together.