Jan 21, 2011

What To Blog About?

Normally I keep a list of topics and options, but for some reason today the well has run dry. Not as much inspiration or motivation. I don't have a book to review because I haven't finished one for a bit. And although I do the Food From Fiction and Quick Draw features when this happens, but even that, today is not sounding appealing (plus I have no food from fiction ideas).

So, dear reader, I pose this question to you...

What do you do when you have nothing to blog about? Do you force the issue or take a few days off?

(Although I really want to read some of the Alex Awards winners this year. Have any of you read any of these?)


  1. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I never force an issue or a post. I can usually tell when a blogger does it and really...the posts are NEVER as good as their usual content. Sometimes, a "thrown together" post has actually made me stop reading someone's blog!

    No one will get offended if you take a day or two off because you don't have something to say! It also give you time to read and comment on other blogs!

  2. Thanks for the insight! It always surprises me how sometimes it just flows and I will have two weeks of posts scheduled, then there are times like now and it's nothing. I think I need the sun to come back out and inspire me!!

  3. It depends. Sometimes I don't feel wordy, so I do something that suits my mood i.e. short. It all depends on whats right for you.

    Example: I have two reviews written I could post, but I'm feeling shorty right now.

    Good luck finding your balance.

  4. I suffer from too much to write about-I have 5 books finished but no time to write about them. Sometimes short works best because you can get it done easily. You always have something interesting to say-no matter.