Jan 20, 2011

Book Trailers

Do you love book trailers as much as I do? I find they fuel my desire for the book, which is their exact purpose. I have been doing a lot of genre book talking with an eighth grade English class at my school. One week I only showed them book trailers. The teacher and I talked about the fact that there was nothing like this for books when we were growing up, there was almost no advertising outside of a library or bookstore for books at all. The funny thing about all the trailers I showed was that none of them had narration--all had text. We talked about ow they were designed for kids to watch them and pay attention. It was a great lesson. Then I found this awesome trailer for A Tale Dark and Grimm, which I reviewed here. Good book, awesome trailer.

What do you think about all the advertising for kids and young adult books that is around today?


  1. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Oh my gosh--this trailer is AWESOME! I love the new trend of book trailers. It's something so new, and I just love them to pieces. And this one is beautiful!

  2. I like book trailers-they do get me excited about a book. I don't seek them out though either. I think they are a great school tool to intrigue kids. I think advertising for books can't be a bad thing, even if done electronically. We want them to read and this is a good way for young adults to get excited about a title.