Jan 19, 2011

Review: Pies & Prejudice (MDBC #4) by Heather Vogel Frederick

4 warm & spicy all American apple pies (in honor of the book).

Cover Love: Yes. I think these are very appealing covers for middle grade readers. And, I love all the pink!

Why Wanted to Read This: I love this series so of course I wanted to read the newest installment!

I Kept Reading Because: These are very easy books to read. They are fun and light. I enjoy reading about all the girls in the club!

Romance?: Yes! Now that the book club girls are growing up they are starting to be more interested in boys!

What I Liked (& Didn't): This is one of those books that is written from multiple characters points of view--and it actually works! The girls are growing up and their voices have become a bit more mature.

The problems didn't seem as intense as in the first few books and I actually really liked that. It wasn't quite as en eventful year for each girl, but you can't have huge things always happening!

I like how they have changed. My least favorite girl used to be Cassidy. I always felt she was such a stubborn, kind of bratty, tomboy, but she has really matured. I really found myself enjoying her in this book.

I am so glad the boys they are surrounded by are nice boys.

The upbringing for our book clubs girls is pretty normal and I like that. Not every child has huge trauma in their lives. It's okay to have girls (and main characters) who have normal problems.

And I love the stability of the girl's friendships. You need people around you as you navigate the waters of high school.

What I Would Like to See:

Book bought for my school library.

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  1. What an upbeat, positive review, Jana. I'm so bad about reading girl books, especially girl MG. You'll have to help me with that! :-)