Sep 23, 2010

Food From Fiction: Dead is So Last Year (Comfort Cookies)

Once again Daisy spent this book cooking. She even got a job in her favorites diner as a cook! Reading these books always makes me hungry. At one point Daisy has some friends over to her house to discuss something or work something out, I can't remember what right now, and she makes cookies because they are comforting.

That made me think of my favorite comforting cookies. The kind that I can't even make at home because I will eat the entire batch. Frosted Maple Cookies. Those of you who have been paying attention will know I posted this recipe two weeks ago when I rated a book 5 yummy frosted maple cookie. I am posting it again because not only are these my favorite cookies, I love to make them most in the fall for some reason!

So, click here for a printable copy of the recipe. Know that the dough will be thin and will spread as you bake it, but they turn out so light and crisp and flavorful. I know you will find them very comforting!

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