Sep 22, 2010

Adventures in Reading: Fall Road Trip

Like complete idiots that parents sometimes are we decided to let our son try out for a state wide soccer team. He made it. This wouldn't be a big deal if we lived somewhere like Rhode Island, but we live in's a big state. There were only two kids from our area that tried out so practices are never in our town, we always have to travel. Last weekend we went had to travel about three hours away for six hours of soccer practice. I had my son and the other boy who made it in the car. They watched movies and I listened to books!

I finished The Off Season and then started Front & Center by Catherine Gilbert Murdock (both of which were wonderful and I will be reviewing next week).

I finished The Mummy, the Will and the Crypt by John Bellairs (nostalgic read) and The Frenzy by Francesca Lia Block.

I also spent sometime listening to old time radio podcasts. I LOVE these. you can get tons of them off itunes. I listened to one sponsored by Camel cigarettes and during one ad they talked about how out of all the doctors surveyed more of them smoke Camel than any other cigarettes. It made me giggle.

The soccer team is almost finished, but I will miss all the sitting in the car waiting because it is nice, quiet reading time, and I don't often get that!

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