Sep 30, 2010

Can't Remember the Title...

How many of you have a book you remember fondly from childhood, but you just can't remember the title? Me too!!

I found this site that has a Stump the Bookseller portion and I searched through a bunch of answers but still couldn't come up with the title. I am willing to pay to find the answer, but I don't know my paypal access here at school. So, I am putting it out to you first.

It is a book about a group of girls at a summer camp (or boarding school?). There is one girl who is kind of a ring leader and the main character gets sucked in to her world. They practice some witchcraft, like little curses and love spells. One thing I really remember though is that this ringleader has a notebook she keeps that is really secretive. The other girls do get a look at the notebook but I can't remember anything beyond that.

Does that ring a bell with anyone?


  1. I don't think I've read this, but I do hope somebody else has and can help! :)

  2. Not ringing any bells here - sorry! :-)

  3. Was this one of Lois Duncan's books? The one with the girls who were locked in their rooms (at the boarding school- can't remember the name) at night. They each had a special gift which is why they came to the school?

  4. I remember.... Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan