Sep 29, 2010

The Zombie Book I Couldn't Finish

I love Charlie Higson. He writes the Young James Bond books that I love so much (and which I just found out he ended the series with the fifth book that was recently published--so sad).

He wrote a book called The Enemy that was released last spring. I was very excited to read it so I went and bought it at Borders after it was published.

Sadly, I was unable to finish it. I might, might give it another try this year, but it really, really disturbs me. I have passed it along to an 8th grade reader who will review it for me because I do think that middle grade readers, particularly boys, will enjoy this.

The reason I couldn't finish it was this: I am a mom.

This book is about children who have survived after a disease has killed off the adults. Actually, not killed them off, but turned most of them into zombies.

I used to like these kind of stories. Remember The Girl Who Owned a City by OT Nelson? LOVED that in junior high. Or the TV series Jeremiah (it was on for a couple years in the early 2000's)? That was pretty good as well (although it bothered me at the start for the same reason I was bothered by The Enemy).

The thought that my boys could be left alone to fend for themselves is so upsetting to me. Which is weird because I am normally very good at separating life from fiction. I just couldn't get past it in this case.

It makes me wonder what I could do to prepare them should the extremely unthinkable happen. Maybe there is nothing I can do. However, I can stop reading a book that affects me so. I am sorry Charlie, I will follow young James wherever he goes, but I can't follow the zombies anymore.

On to something more light (this will make you laugh and realize there is just nothing you can do to prep today's youth for a post apocalyptic world!).

8th Grader's Report:
"I kept reading it because it was kind of addictive--the author keeps you on the edge. He is not predictable so you have to keep reading. There are three different little stories and points of view and I liked that. The author moves between stories so when something gets really suspenseful the author switches to a different story so you have to wait a few chapters before the other story is resolved. I didn't think I would like the ending but I did."


  1. Hmmmm...that sounds like a pretty great 8th grader! :-)

    Today, my class is writing book reviews based on your format. I used you as an example!

  2. Wow, I feel so honored!! I had to "interview" Wyatt because he's like, I don't know how to review it. He was funny. I am glad he liked it because I figured that middle grade readers/boys would like it!