Aug 4, 2010

Favorite Website-New & Improved

There are a lot of series out there for YA and MG readers. A lot!

As a librarian I like series readers because I know I can keep them in books until they are done with the series. However it's hard to remember all those series and what books came first, etc...

My favorite website to help me with this is a database created by the Mid-Continent Library system in Missouri. They have a section where you can look up and juvenile sequel or series by series title, book title, author or subject.

Today I got on there an found it redesigned--and improved. Now they have a books into movies section called Based on the Book, along with Book Awards, Book Club Reading Lists and other resources that are handy for the library patron. It is awesome, check it out!

(They do not have an adult series book section, but I found one of those here--from the LA Public Library system).

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