Aug 5, 2010

Hobby Reading

I know that most of you are YA and MG readers, but do any of you have a subject that you also read?

I read (and watch) anything I can about Mount Everest. Into Thin Air remains one of my favorite books to this day. Ed Veisturs is one of my favorite mountaineers. Understand that I have no desire to ever be a mountaineer, it just makes for some really fascinating reading for me.

My sister loves books about cycling and cyclists. She has no desire to become one, she just loves reading about it (and watching events on TV). I have a friend whose son is really into true survival tales this summer.

I call this kind of reading hobby reading because reading about one subject is kind of a hobby for me.

What about you? Do you have any hobby reading tendencies?


  1. Titanic.
    Even before the film I've been obsessed.
    I remember being a teen and loving No Greater Love by Danielle Steel.
    Excellent question!

  2. I figured Titanic would be a big one--my youngest son has a huge fascination with it also. We went to the Titanic museum in Las Vegas and he even has planned out to be Robert Ballard (the man who discovered the wreckage) when he has to do a wax museum report in fifth grade (he decided this in second grade-he is going into fourth grade). He also wrote this Titanic poem in second grade:

    One frightful night
    On an eerie sea
    A speeding ship
    Struck an iceberg
    Oh how loud
    That sound was
    In 3 hours
    The Titanic sank
    to the bottom
    of the sea.