Jul 23, 2010

Wow, Food For Thought!

Rick Riordan's twitter (@camphalfblood) was the very first one I started following. He is not super active, but today he posted this:

Compare: how to get boys reading: http://huff.to/dtZNST w/recent cover trends: http://bit.ly/9OOXEQ See any boy friendly covers?

The first link is to an article that is just alright. The second link is super cool. Someone put together a bunch of YA and MG book covers of books published this year by trend. It is super cool to look at, but Mr. Riordan is right, how many of those covers do you think are attractive to boy readers?

(I like the article because it gives me some more books to add to my TBR--but not until October).

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  1. Wow. The hand one really got me. I've never noticed that many covers having hands, but this post is totally right! Crazy. And I agree - not many covers appealing to boys. But it seems like most YA books are focused towards girls, anyway...

  2. I hadn't really thought about which covers would appeal to boys because my little guys haven't had to worry about that too much yet. I guess it's coming soon though.

    Right now my oldest is obsessed with reading the Warrior (cat) series, and I love that he's so enthusiastic. I could see having to branch into gross humor when my youngest gets older though. I'm sure he'll like that. :)

  3. I just saw your Doctor Who quote in the sidebar - love, love, love Doctor Who! (Slightly embarrassed/proud to say I'm wearing a Tardis t-shirt right now.)

  4. I loved that second article. That was super funny and true.

    Hunger Games could appeal to boys.
    Ooo and the Knife of Letting Go.

  5. I agree, Hunger Games and The Knife appeal in both plot & cover design. All the boys I know who have read The Hunger Games have loved it.