Jul 23, 2010

Got Books Event: Celebrating Girls

If you have read my blog for any length of time you know that I only have sons. I would be an awesome mom for a daughter, but it was not in the cards for me. Oh well, I find there are perks to being the mom to boys (like, anything pink or glittery I bring home I get to keep--if I bring home things that could be unisex, I tend to "lose" it eventually to one of my children).

For the Got Books event I wanted to do something different than YA because my blog highlights both YA and MG so I decided to celebrate some of my favorite girls in literature. I picked four of my favorite books starring some wonderful girls:

Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary. A true classic! Up until this book Ramona was just Beezus' little sister and a girl who annoyed Henry. This book made her the break out character for Beverly Cleary. She went on the star in five more Ramona books (I am not counting Ramona and Beezus because that one was before Ramona the Pest). This is my favorite Ramona book!

Clementine by Sara Pennypacker. Clementine is a Ramona for the new millenium! She is so much fun!

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall. One of my absolute favorite books. This is one that I shove into the hands of any young reader who is looking for something to read. Every one of them has loved it. It is such a sweet, fun story!

Allie Finkle Rules for Girls: Moving Day by Meg Cabot. Allie is a relatively new (and welcome) addition to the ranks of fun girl characters. I adore Allie and the growing and learning she does in each book.

Because I also want to celebrate all things girl I am also including a pack of glitter pencils and some lipsmackers! To enter my Got Books Giveaway (for you or a girl reader in your life) please fill out the form below!

Enter soon because this giveaway ends at midnight on Saturday!
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Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love your blog!! Great post about literary girls - Ramona rocks!! I am your newest follower!!

  2. Great blog! I've got 3 young girls so this prize would come in handy at our house!

  3. So glad I found your blog via Got Books? event. Great give away idea...and I love your choices! I have new favorite in Frannie of the Frankly Frannie series!

  4. great contest!! i actually have most of these, so i'm not entering, i loved clementine :)

  5. Ok so Kylie is just getting into Ramona. We've been reading them on "girls" night. But Clementine looks sweet too. Can hardly wait to branch out. Kylie is just starting to really read and it's so so exciting. Thanks for the suggestions Jana. And you would rock as a momma to a little girl. So don't worry we'll share ours with you :-) Susan

  6. Great job on the post and I love your prize theme...great choice! Thanks for helping to spread the bookish love...happy reading!

  7. Great giveaway! I'm in the same boat, I'm the mother of 3 sons (all under the age of 10). However, I also teach elementary school, so this giveaway won't be wasted on me!

    I would have been a great girl's mom too. ;)

  8. Thanks! Nice selection of books.

  9. LOVE Ramona! My daughter would love these books! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. What a GREAT idea for your giveaway!!! Suggestion: since it is so hot, put the lipsmackers in a Ziploc bag so it doesn't melt all over the books.

  11. Get giveaway. Thank you.
    Sue B

  12. Ahhh...you sound just like my mother-in-law who now has 3 "daughters" and still one more son to get married. She says it's great because she didn't have to deal with all the "drama" associated with middle & high school girls, but now gets to have all the fun of pedicures and such with her daughter-in-laws. It's way fun! You'll love it!

    Love Beverly Cleary! What a great choice too, I love the "girlie" additions as well! Thank you so much for hosting your giveaway and for being a part of Got Books?!