Jul 25, 2010

Food For Thought: MG Series--boys or girls

Piggybacking on my post from Saturday I found this post by Hannah Moskowitz about boys and YA books. It is interesting and while I don't agree with everything that she said there is some stuff to really think about. The comments are very interesting, I kind of skimmed over most of them. Lots of opinions. One person pointed out that there seem to be a lot of middle grade books she can point boys to (she works in a book store) but not as many YA. That got me really thinking. In the last few years (let's say 10-15 years) there have been a lot of great MG series with boys as the main character, but I couldn't come up with hardly any with girls as the main character. Probably I am having summer brain and just not using it fully but here's what I recall as I sit here:

Boys: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, Alex Rider, Young James Bond, The Ranger's Apprentice, Dairy of a Wimpy Kid, The Last Apprentice, Pendragon, Leven Thumps, Airborn, Steep Trapp, Magyk series

Girls: Fablehaven (this could be both because Seth is featured a lot in the later books, but Kendra really seems like the MC in the first book), Skulduggery Pleasant, The Penderwicks, The Mother-Daughter Book Club, Elvis & Olive

Both: Series of Unfortunate Events, Peter and the Starcatchers, Kane Chronicles, The 39 Clues

I am not counting Allie Finkle or Clementine because there are more for 3rd-4th grade readers.

Help me out, I know I am missing a bunch. Think MIDDLE GRADE--written for 10/11 year olds to probably 13 year olds. (This is why I am not putting down The Hunger Games, I think that is for just a bit older kids).


  1. As you know, my specialty is MG boy books, but I'm trying to branch out more. I know The Dork Diaries is aimed at tween girls, and there's the Go Girl! series. I've always loved the Unicorn's Secret series by Kathleen Duey - it's one of my faves. :-)

  2. there is Gregor the Overlander series, keys to the kingdon series and Charlie Bone-- they aren't in the YA section at my county library.

    For girls: Land of Elyon is the only one coming to mind