Jun 21, 2010

Oh Baby!!

If you were a child in the 80's what was one of your favorite series? If you were like me it was Sweet Valley High. I just read on my friend Katie's blog that they are doing a new Sweet Valley series!! It is going to be called Sweet Valley Confidential. This book will find our favorite twins all grown up and in the real world. I am so excited about this! I loved Sweet Valley High--when I was in seventh grade my brother bought me the first four books for Christmas. He hid them in his dresser drawer. I found them and had the first one read before Christmas. I would sneak in whenever he wasn't home and read.

I always wanted to be Elizabeth--goody two shoes to the core! Check out Forever Young Adult for some awesome posts about Sweet Valley High!

What about you--did you read this series? Who did you identify with? And if this wasn't one of your favorite series growing up, what was?


  1. I loved this series - and still own books #1-#88. When I was a junior high student I felt like Jessica and Elizabeth's lives seemed so perfect. Everything in Sweet Valley High was so....nice. As an adult writing my masters paper, I focused on girls series novels written in the 80s, and had to keep track of a variety of things like how many stereotypical sex roles were mentioned, sexual inuendo, etc. The results shocked me - the sweet Sweet Valley High books didn't end up being so sweet. I will be looking forward to this latest SVH installment that is coming.
    Other 80s series I LOVED: The Girls of Canby Hall, Sunfire romances, Babysitters Club, and some lesser known series like Sisters, Cheerleaders, Junior High.

  2. There was also one that Francine Pascal did called Caitlin. I think there were three books each in two series. I liked those a lot. I never got into The Babysitter's Club.

  3. I LOVED this series in middle school! I had many of them but not all of them. I outgrew them before they stopped coming out! I bought a copy of the first one a while back and tried to reread it. BIG mistake. You how somethings are better in your memory then in reality? That was definately the case. Sweet memories with that one :)

  4. Brilliant! I was such a fan of the series that I'm looking forward to it as well! I had just recently heard about it as well, but to have it confirmed has me all excited again! Haha I suppose it's like being a kid all over again!

  5. Oops! I see I'm a little behind on comments. Although I did find the winner post - so sad.

    I have an award for you at my blog. :-)