Jun 22, 2010

Tween Tuesday: The Magickeepers by Erica Kirov

I love being on Sourcebooks list for reviews. I have gotten some great books from them. The Magickeepers is one such book. I did not read the first one (Eternal Hourglass) but received the second one (The Pyramid of Souls) in May and just adored it. So much so that I am going to go get the first one to see how the story all starts!

Nick Rostov finds out he is a Magickeeper, and actual magician and part of a whole family of Magickeeper. His talent is Gazing, he even uses a crystal ball. The second book takes involves a magic convention and a stolen "pyramid of souls." Nick knows who stole it, the leader of the Shadowkeepers, dark magicians who want to use it to steal the souls of some Magickeeper's from Sanctuary, a safe place for Magickeepers to disappear to. Nick takes it upon himself to find the pyramid and save the day!

Nick is Russian and I enjoyed all of the Russian heritage references. I also liked all the characters. Even though it was a quick read and a fast paced book the characters were well formed. Nick also has a good partner in his cousin Isabella. Nothing felt forced or like it was trying too hard. I think the length of the books helped with this. It was just a good, quick read.

Good summer reading for any bored tweens you have out there who also enjoy magical tales!


  1. This series looks really good! I'll have to check it out.

  2. I won book two, so now I need to get book one and read the series. I think it sounds great!

  3. Anonymous12:45 PM

    It sounds like a great series, and one that I'll enjoy. I've got to check them out. :)

  4. I've wondered about this series. Thanks for the good review-now I can add it to my list.