Jun 20, 2010

Is It All About The Get?

When I was younger and decided I had a crush on someone, I was an expert at "hunting" down my crush. (You say stalking, I say hunting). BUT, normally I found that once I had caught them, I didn't want them anymore.

I am finding that I am kind of that way with books--not all books, but some. I anticipate, want, covet and then when I have, the urgency is just no longer there. It can sit on my shelf for months. I am this way with ARCs, books I buy and books I check out. Sometimes one comes in that I will throw all others aside for, but it's not very often. I got Monsters of Men a few weeks ago, the conclusion to a great trilogy and I still haven't started it!

I am trying so hard to not put books on hold or go buy any more or add to my to-read pile, I have enough to read already. But, I like the hunt!

What about you, do you find this happens to you?


  1. It's a tough addiction to fight-I deal with this problem myself:) I know I have books that languish after I win them or buy them at used book sales. I think there are worse things you could surround yourself with than books.

  2. That is so me! The books and the hunting/stalking of boys when I was in highschool :)

  3. I love the hunt for a book, love bringing one home and checking it out for the evening. I tend to ditch one for the next also. I wonder if my other books are jealous?

  4. I am completely with you on this one! However, I am 100% a library patron. I never get through my TBR stack quickly enough so I don't typically buy books or even try to solicit ARCs. There are just Too Many good books in the world! PS: I STILL haven't even read The Ask and The Answer and I'm so envious that you have Monsters of Men!!

  5. O the hunt. It's so infectious.