Jan 4, 2010

Awards and Challenges

I was given an award, from Jill at O.W.L (such a darling blog) my first ever, thanks so much Jill...so then I guess I am to pass it along to other blogs, so I will but it will take a few days to decide which ones...I hope it is okay to accept it without passing it right along, I have a few blogs in mind.
Jill is also running a middle grade reading challenge for the year that I am totally going to knock out of the park.

Lastly, Fuse #8 is having a top 100 chapter books countdown. I have to figure out my top ten chapter books and send them in. Last year she did a top 100 picture books countdown that was the highlight of my day when she was rolling them out. It's going to be hard for me to decide which ten are my top ten, but I have a start. I will post my list when I am done!

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