Sep 25, 2009

I Love TV...

It's odd for a blog about books, let alone a librarian, admit that she loves TV as much as she loves books, but I do. A bit of history...I was raised without TV. Not a moral objection by my parents, more of a financial one, and of course, what parents wouldn't think it a bit better for their children to be raised without TV. So, I was raised by books. I love them, but I really love TV also. And movies. Pretty much anything to entertain me. This time of year, though, TV rules baby!!

And this week, whoa, so good. New episodes of returning shows. Totally new series. I just love it, and the lack of sleep I am getting can attest to that! I have the habit of reading before bed, so even when I watch TV until I can't keep my eyes open I have to read a bit before sleeping. Last night I was trying to finish Crank and the dang thing kept falling out of my hands as I drifted off. I am so close to being done and just want to finish so I can move onto something a bit lighter!

And tonight is Dollhouse, another sci-fi geek show I love, but tonight, Jamie Bamber is a guest star. He was Apollo in the new Battlestar Galactica on Sci-Fi. Oh baby!

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