Feb 11, 2009

Yes, But Does She Read?

So, my oldest son (fifth grader) has a crush and she likes him back (actually, she liked him first which flattered him so much that he automatically liked her back). She is darling and a soccer player so I think this one might last awhile. Plus she goes to another school so they won't be able to see each other's faults and decide they do not like each other because one had salad dressing on their face. So, I know this was wrong(?) but I had to look up the books she is reading because although she goes to another school I can look her up on my OPAC (online card catalog). She didn't have any checked out, so I checked her history. Only one book all year. Now, I realize that in this day and age probably her parents just buy her the books she wants to read, but still. Do I let him date (crush on) a girl who does not read? What will I talk to her about? What if she doesn't read or watch TV? This is a problem!!

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